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Jean-Luc Halde
Apple grower and keen political observer, Jean-Luc Halde is an active player in the rural economy of Mont-Saint-Hilaire.
Much of the Mont Saint-Hilaire Biosphere Reserve is rural. The farmers who work the fields are key to maintaining the bucolic landscapes and forest corridors. Some of them grow corn or soybeans, while others produce vegetables, raise livestock, operate dairy farms or grow berries. They draw their livelihood from the earth and the surrounding environment. Today and in the long term, do their actions help ensure a harmonious relationship between mankind and nature?

For over five generations, the Mont Saint-Hilaire Biosphere Reserve has been renowned for its orchards. Come meet some of the people who make such an important contribution to the region, and find out what they think of apple-growing and the biosphere reserve.
Michel Robert
Apple trees, bees and deer thrive in Michel Robert's orchard. His "Pavillon de la pomme" allows us all to profit from it.
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