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The History of the Quarry

After acquiring the site from Edmour Choquette in exchange for a property in Rougemont, Richard Poudrette began quarry operations in 1954. Initially operating a surface gravel pit, he subsequently refocused his operations on crushing rock to produce aggregate.

From 1958 to 1963, Carrière Richard Poudrette Inc. operated the quarry in conjunction with Uni-Mix, the company that owned the adjacent land. In 1963, poor relations between the two companies led to the closing of Uni-Mix. Ownership changed hands, and the new company took the name of Demix.

From 1963 to 1980, operations continued at both quarries. In 1979, Richard Poudrette sold his shares in the company to his children, Jean-Guy, Gilles, Cécile, Florian and Paul-Émile.

When Demix closed in 1983, Carrière Poudrette underwent a major expansion. Production climbed from 150,000 tonnes in 1979 to 300,000 tonnes in 1981 and finally over 1,000,000 tonnes today.

In the same year, Carrière Poudrette Inc. began operating the Demix quarry on a subcontracting basis. That arrangement continued until 1994, when the company. purchased Carrière Demix.

In May 1998, Florian Poudrette became the company’s sole owner, working with his sons Alexandre and Frédéric.

photo of the quarry photo of the quarry photo of the quarry
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