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Prince Edward Island's people have always depended on the land and the sea for their survival. An independent and creative people, Islanders have harvested resources from what was around them. The "Harvests of Prince Edward Island" project utilizes the collections and resources of the Island's community museums to explore a number of the harvests which have been important to the Island's history.

The Irish Moss industry provides a unique way of life for those involved with the harvest on Prince Edward Island. In its heyday, entire communities were involved in the collection of the saltwater plant, Irish moss along the shores of PEI. Today, the industry is still alive but to a lesser extent and primarily only in the western part of the province.

The major harvests represented include;
  • the Potato
  • the Malpeque Oyster
  • the Silver Fox industry
  • Irish Moss
  • Mussel Mud

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