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New Brunswick Museum, Saint John, New Brunswick

Teeth, American mastodon: Mammut americanum (Kerr)

Teeth, American mastodon: Mammut americanum (Kerr)

American mastodon: Mammut americanum (Kerr), Neogene, Hillsborough, New Brunswick, Collector: C. Osman, 1936. Mastodons and mammoths are easy to tell apart based on their teeth. Mammoth teeth have flat ridges, like a modern elephant. Mastodon teeth have rounded or pointed cusps. The name mastodon comes from the teeth, derived from the Greek words "mastos" meaning breast and odont for tooth.

Collector: C. Osman
Hillsborough, New Brunswick, CANADA
Tooth specimen length 30 cm
NBMG 3906

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