The weaver is seated on a low stool in front of his simple loom made of wood. He is holding a reed and a set of two heddles to which two pedals are attached. The very long warp stretches for several metres in front of the weaver.

The woven band is not very wide (around 20 centimetres) and the weaver rolls it up in front of him as he works or stores it in a kind of basket.

The weaver produces cloth for the market as well as special orders for clients. If the latter, he sets up his loom close to the house of his client who provides him with the yarn as well as board and lodging.

The fabric may be a single colour, striped (multicoloured or "wolof") or checked with designs ("mandjack" fabric that requires an assistant to lift the warp threads).
A waistcloth or skirt requires six strips of about 1.6 to 2 metres long. They are sold in the market in rolls of six and they must be sewn together by tailors or by the women themselves.
Musée de la Femme "Henriette Bathily"
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