The Carnival at the Skating Rink

Notman's picture of the Carnival at the Skating Rink has attracted so much attention and become so well-known in Montreal, that it appears desirable to reproduce it in these pages for the benefit of our readers at a distance. The Leggotype copy does not of course give an adequate idea of the beauty of the original, but it serves to show the arrangement and grouping of the scene, and the variety of costumes and characters partaking in the entertainment. The original has been on view at Mr. Notman's studio for the past few weeks. It is a beautifully coloured photograph, and is exhibited in a way that sets it off to great advantage. The picture is placed in a recess draped with crimson curtains, and light is thrown upon it from above by a concealed lamp and reflector. The room, in which the picture is exhibited being dark, the effect of the brilliant colours and light is magical, and on using a powerful magnifying glass the deception is complete. The visitor has before him the scene exactly as viewed from the gallery of the Skating Rink.1
1The Canadian Illustrated News, Montreal, May 21, 1870
Stanley G. Triggs

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