The following questions concern works shown in the exhibition. Write down what you observe about each work and then compare your notes to the answers.

Question 1: What sort of setting does Jack Bishop illustrate in revisiting the Canadian landscape tradition?

Question 2: What type of space does Dil Hildebrand depict in this work?

Question 3: What is Tammi Campbell’s intention in making it appear that this work is not finished and that a final line remains to be painted before the masking tape can be removed?

Question 4: What does Ben Reeves’s painting Detail – Laurel Street represent?

Question 5: What gives this work a sculptural quality?

Question 6: What role does writing play in this work by Michael Dumontier & Neil Farber?

Question 7: What makes this work a hybrid creation?

Question 8: Which elements of this composition refer to the encounter of two cultures?

Question 9: Which aspects of this painting lend it a fictional quality?

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