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Appendix: Who Was Emily Carr?

Exercise A: Choose a Title

The information on the worksheet "The Life of Emily Carr" is divided into five paragraphs. Choose an appropriate title for each paragraph, from the titles listed below. Be careful! There are eight titles to choose from and only five paragraphs.

Possible Titles:

Emily Carr the Writer
An Unusual Woman
Emily Carr the Sculptor
Emily Carr's Home
Emily Carr the Portrait Painter
Early Life
Other Work
The Paintings of Emily Carr

Write the titles you have chosen below:

Paragraph 1:

Paragraph 2:

Paragraph 3:

Paragraph 4:

Paragraph 5:

Exercise B: Correct a Summary of the Information

Below is a summary of the information on the worksheet "The Life of Emily Carr." The summary is incorrect. Write a correct summary in the space below.

Emily Carr was born in the city of Vancouver. She studied sculpture in Italy and New York. She was an unusual person who like strange food and hated animals. When she returned to Canada from Europe, she made paintings of cities. Emily Carr's paintings were very popular and made her lots of money. When she became too old to paint, she made movies.

Write a correct summary below: