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Uranimum chest

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In 1959, uranium was the main mineral resource exported from Canada. This object is a testament to that time. From left to right, we can see uranium ore, two concentrates named respectively yellowcake and green salt, then a section of an aluminum tube. When filled with uranium, this fuel rod takes the place of fuel.

In 1957 this group of objects was offered to the Honourable Louis Saint-Laurent, then Prime Minister of Canada, by Eldorado Mining and Refining Limited. This Ontario company played an important role in the history of radium and uranium extraction in Canada. The deposits exploited by the company spawned places with names like Port Radium in the Northwest Territories, and Uranium City in Saskatchewan.

This sample, which is radioactive, emits a dose of 50 µSv/h at a distance of 5 cm. For this reason, the sample is stored farther away in the Museum's storage area.

Uranium ore, concentrates of uranium and aluminum sleeve presented on a wooden base.

Credits : Musée de la nature et des sciences, Sherbrooke

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