the Trait-Carré of Charlesbourg: The Only Star-Shaped Village in Canada

This project of the Virtual Museum of Canada offers rich documentary material on one of Québecs and Canada's most important heritage sites: the Trait-Carré of Charlesbourg. It proposes a variety of useful educational activities designed to help Elementary Cycle Three students develop the competencies set forth in the Québec Education Program, particularly for the Geography, History and Citizenship Education program in the Social Sciences subject area and French as a Second Language and English Language Arts programs in the Languages field.

The Trait-Carré of Charlesbourg is at once unique and representative of Québec's historical development. From its founding in the mid-17th century to the present, it has mirrored the social and economic changes that have marked Québec's history. From the creation of the seigneurial system to the development of tourism, the Trait-Carré has always been in step with its time, yet astonishing and fascinating in its singularity. It is the only star-shaped village in Canada and its radial layout is virtually unique in North America. Its much-debated origins and distinctive layout make the Trait-Carré a notable subject of study.

The educational activities contained on this site can be used to enhance existing learning situations or create new ones. In completing the proposed tasks, students will see and understand the elements of continuity and change that have marked the history of the Trait-Carré. They will also gain a sense of how certain events shaped to this singular place and be able to round out their knowledge of specific techniques in targeted subject areas.