Keep your eyes peeled!

Based on what you have learned from this website, search the Trait-Carré for five features related to the themes discussed: history, mill, territory, society and architecture.

Print out the game map and look carefully.

Associate each feature with one of the following statements and locate it on the map:

  1. I took over the general store from my father, and my name appears on a shed.
  2. I honour the flour made at the mill and uphold an age-old tradition.
  3. Regardless of where you are in the Trait-Carré, we serve as excellent landmarks.
  4. The Trait-Carré of Charlesbourg is home to many pioneer families. Can you find your last name on the monument that pays tribute to them?
  5. If Jacques-Ferdinand Verret were to travel forward in time to the present day, he would see several things that were familiar to him.