Who Was Jacques-Ferdinand Verret?

Jacques-Ferdinand Verret was born in Charlesbourg on April 21, 1860. A brilliant student and very curious, he read newspapers, novels and handbooks. Since he had a gift for writing, he looked after the business correspondence of his father, a baker and general merchant. Jacques-Ferdinand also kept a diary in which he recounted the events that took place in Charlesbourg and the daily lives of its inhabitants. He also commented on local and regional affairs and gave his opinion on topics of the day.

Jacques-Ferdinand took a lively interest in girls. In his opinion, the ideal woman was pretty, cultivated and well behaved. He saw these qualities in Lucie Bédard, who occasionally visited the general store. Verret eventually married Lucie in 1891. In 1900, he took over the store from his father.

As shown by a catalogue put out by Jacques-Ferdinand, the general store specialized in selling seeds. All merchandise was stored in a shed behind his house a shed that still exists today. In the early 20th century, Verret went into the honey business and, in 1923, he chaired an international bee-keepers convention. His Millaflora bee yard was world renowned and his honey won many awards. Jacques-Ferdinand Verret died in Charlesbourg on July 5, 1946 after a full life.