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The Birth of a Community, The Story of Birchy Bay
Over the Top Museum
Birchy Bay , Terre-Neuve et Labrador


of granite protruding from
the sea's depths that sea
birds use as a resting place.
This point is on the eastern
side of a peninsula that
extends from the mainland and
was traditionally called
Birchy Bay North. Over the
years the name was changed
for numerous reasons and now

the community is called
Baytona. The stillness and
beauty of this locale still
stirs the souls of visitors
who trek down the shore
across places where schooners
were built, where men and
women lived and died. At the
bottom of the bay two small
brooks flow from separate

bodies of fresh water to
unite with the salt water.
Some call them Twin Brooks,
which for decades have served
as a portage overland to
Jumpers Pond and Birch Bay

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