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A Mother's War
Carbonear Museum
Carbonear , Terre-Neuve et Labrador


members had moved to live in
the United States of America.
   The exhibit reveals how
the mother, Clara Mortimer
Hawker, who had two sons
engaged in active war duty,
coped with news of the war
and its casualties. One son
was wounded, the other was
sent home to die. A mother's

grief during those times can
only be imagined.
   Only information taken
from the first three of
Clara's diaries is included
in the exhibit. The few pages
in an exercise book written
by her of a trip to Boston
are all we know about her
life after Mortimer's funeral

in May 1918, and all we know
of her after that trip.
Clara passed away in
Carbonear on September 8th,
1949, at the age of 76.

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