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Emily Carr

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Thornlea, Thornhill, Ontario
Emily Carr, Shoreline, 1936
Presenting biographical information on Emily Carr and interpretive material on her painting Shoreline.
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Learning Object Collection: Art!Facts
Scott McDonald
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Learning Object Collection: Art!Facts
Learning Object: Emily Carr
Emily Carr

Learning About Emily Carr (a contemporary and friend of the Group of Seven) and her painting 'Shoreline':
1. Read carefully through the Learning Object to find out all about her background, and her painting 'Shoreline'.
2. Read through the Debate activity. Choose either #1 or #2 as your topic. You may agree or disagree but you need to support this with information that you find through your research in the Learning Object or ArtFacts.
You may record your supporting information in point form, minimum 1/2 page.

Learning Objectives

1. Learn about the artist and her contribution to Canadian art;
2. Explore themes in Canadian history and cultural heritage;
3. Establish links between art and cultural identity;
4. Learn about an important period in Canadian art and history, and its effect on the national identity;
5. Discuss and analyze a work of art using principles of design and other artistic terminology, and classify a work of art by period, style, and subject matter;
6. Research, identify, and describe visual characteristics, themes, and ideas in art;
7. Compare and contrast works of art;
8. Prepare debates and practice oral presentations; and
9. Identify the skills required in various visual arts and art-related careers.

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