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BC Forestry: Managing an integrated resource

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You Own the Forests: The Forest Industry and the Public
This vignette explores what is meant by sustainable forestry and how processes like eco-certification are contributing to sustainable forestry practices in British Columbia.
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Impact of regulations on the industry
Contrast the interests of forest companies in the past with the regulations that govern their logging practices today. What safeguards does the "Forest and Range Practices Act" provide for the forests that we all own? What impact might these regulations have on the ability of forest companies to operate profitably?
The Timber Market and its Affects on the Economy
This vignette examines how the forests and the forest industry in British Columbia influence the provincial economy.
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How does the timber market affect BC's economy?
There are many factors, both domestic (inside BC, such as the FRPA) and global, that affect the contribution the forest industry can make to BC's economy. Considering what you have learned so far, which three factors are the most influential (have the potential to make the greatest impact) on BC's economy?
The Timber Market and its Affects on the Economy - Graph
An interactive graph of the timber market in BC
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The value in our forests
1. Look closely at the "Net Earnings" graph. What trend in earnings from BC's forests is evident?
2. Look at the "Cost of Logs" graph. Is there a trend evident here?
3. Examine the "Relative Value" graph. This graph appears to suggest the amount and relative value of forests logged in BC currently. Suppose that the average value of a cubic meter of wood in BC is $70.00? Where is the profit coming from, high value wood or lower value wood? Construct a pie chart to display this information.

Trends that affect BC's forests
Considering what you have now learned, which of the following trends is then most likely to have the greatest effect on the future contribution to BC's economy by our forest resource industry?
a. concern of BC citizens to factors other than economic returns from our forests?
b. global attention to certification and eco friendly practices?
c. shifts in costs and revenues from our forests?

Learning Objectives

Resources Sciences 11 and 12: Forests, BC Currciulum
Regulations on how forests are used are designed to benefit all citizens
BC's economy is affected by a variety of factors related to forestry.
We can examine past performance and factors present today to identify trends in forest resource use

BC Prescribed Learning Outcomes for Resources Sciences 11 and 12:
Identify economic factors affecting forest resource industries.
Demonstrate awareness of the roles of forests in the local and provincial economies.
Describe the trends of forest resource use in BC.