Mercury Meteor Montcalm, 1961

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Canadians love their cars, but is there such a thing as a Canadian Car? If so, is it design—a car’s shape and style, and its inner workings—that makes it Canadian? Does manufacturing, being "Made in Canada," define a Canadian car? Maybe it’s marketing—the way a car is branded and advertised to appeal to Canadians. Or is the Canadian car simply one that most Canadians prefer to drive?

Cars have shaped Canadian landscapes, cities, and communities. They have impacted Canadians’ lifestyles and even influenced popular culture. This learning collection is based on In Search of the Canadian Car, a Virtual Museum of Canada exhibition created by the Canada Science and Technology Museum. In Search of the Canadian Car explores historical, cultural and social ideas about what might make a car Canadian.

Explore the learning resources presented here, and discover the materials, images, and ideas featured in the virtual exhibition.

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