Illuminate Vancouver’s urban and social history, visual culture, and commercial evolution!

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Illuminate your classroom! Discover Vancouver’s urban and social history, visual culture, and commercial evolution with the Visible City: Vancouver’s Neon Stories. Learners and educators can use the Visible City’s original images, interviews, and classroom activities to explore Vancouver’s historical and contemporary urban issues through the city’s iconic neon signs.

Created by the Museum of Vancouver, the Visible City offers learning opportunities that encourage students and teachers to engage in historical learning about Vancouver’s built environment in the post-war era; reflect upon the social and cultural trends which lead to both the elevation and the vilification of neon in Vancouver; undertake creative writing and reflection using Vancouver-based social histories and memories; and examine civic and policy issues related to the restoration, preservation and re-invention of heritage sites.

Though the activities in the collection are aligned with Social Studies, Civic Studies, and English Language Arts Provincial Learning Objectives for grades 9 through 11 in British Columbia, they can also be adapted to suit learners beyond this grade range and outside the classroom setting. The Visible City learning object collection can also be used as pre- or post-visit activities for a class field trip to the semi-permanent exhibition at the Museum of Vancouver called Neon Vancouver/Ugly Vancouver, or with a neon walking tour of Vancouver, using the companion mobile application for this virtual exhibit, available in iTunes or Android Marketplace.

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