oil burner, programmable thermostat, electric fireplace, fractional horsepower electric motor, hot water heater, furnace

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The objective of the HVACR Heritage Centre Canada’s Collection of 20th Century artefacts as part of the ’Warming Up’ series of Learning Objects is to engage both today’s young people and other visitors in understanding how their heating systems work so well they are generally forgotten in the basement. Few even know their brand names, although they likely know if it is fired by gas, oil, or electricity.
The ’Warming Up’ Collection features (1.) a supplementary electric fireplace hearth heater, (2.) an oil-fired burner for warm air furnaces or boilers, (3.) a packaged warm air furnace, (4.) the fractional horsepower electric motor (5.) a coal-fired hot water heater, and (6) a control for these appliances. These sample artefacts from a collection of more than 140 are the basis of this exhibit’s Learning Objects.
They represent a cross-section of the appliances and components which evolved over more than a century to provide the automated space heating systems we all enjoy today. They also represent the core of the greatest period of technological innovations for this Heating Industry -- and the Social Change that accompanied it from the second half of the 19th Century through the 20th Century and today in the new Millennium of the 21st Century.
The whole ’Warming Up’ exhibit is about the emergence of Canada from a pioneer country into a modern international nation respected by all, in such a short time period. It is a celebration of the Canada we were and the Canada we are -- and a part of history never before captured and described for the benefit of all Canadians.
The youth of today will be the inventors, the innovators and creators of the technological products yet to be designed and developed. They will be, and many already are, the entrepreneurs, marketers, installers and service technicians that will ensure these HVACR systems keep running at their best efficiency.
The Centre encourages this innovation, encourages young men and women to consider the HVACR Industry as a career in its dozens of occupations, and to learn more about the many choices today’s residents have in selecting their heating systems.

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