Magnificent Rocks of New Brunswick: Colour image of black rock with high level of sheen

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The geologic history of New Brunswick has shaped our landscapes, communities and economy. The province as we know it was formed over the last billion years forged by moving continents, changing climates and complex geologic processes. Experience a journey through geologic time and discover how the magnificent rocks beneath us influence our lives.

Join us on a journey through geologic time to learn how the magnificent rocks of New Brunswick influence our lives. Learn about the people who have studied the rocks of New Brunswick and discovered their secrets. The roots of the science of geology are found here and recent geologic discoveries are reshaping our understanding of the natural history of New Brunswick and the world.

Explore the geologic formations that drive our economy and stories of geology in our communities. From the stone used to rebuild Saint John after the Great Fire of 1877 to sand found on New Brunswick golf courses to natural gas, our connection to geology surrounds us. You may be surprised to learn how geology influences our sense of place and our lives in New Brunswick.

See how the movements of ancient continents have created our familiar landscapes. From our highest peaks and fertile valleys to the rocky shorelines, geologic processes have shaped our land.

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