This is an image of a bee fly pollinating the nationally rare Western Silvery Aster.

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The prairies of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba are one of the most endangered ecosystems in Canada; over 90% of it has been converted to cropland or industrial developments. As a result, many of Canada’s rarest plants and animals can be found in this area. This learning object collection, Prairie Plants and Pollinators, will enable your students to learn more about prairie flowers and their pollinators. This learning object collection is also part of the Prairie Pollination website.

Each of the five learning objects consists of text, videos, images and activities on pollination. The lessons are designed to help students learn about the anatomy, life cycles and ecological interactions of flowering prairie plants and their pollinators. The learning object collection is linked to grades 2, 3, 4, 7, 9, 10, 11 and 12 curricula. Students can interact with the learning objects on their own, or teachers can project the site onto a screen and explore the resource together as a class.

Prairie Plants and Pollinators has been designed as a stand-alone resource, but can also be used as pre-or post-visit activities for a class field trip to a grassland preserve or natural history Museum.

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