M996.10.62: Happy Canada Day! Joyeux Canada jour !

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The McCord Museum’s collection contains more than 20,000 Canadian editorial cartoons published from the 19th century to the present. Printed mostly in the editorial pages of newspapers, these cartoons cover sociopolitical events of interest to the public.

Because they are not concerned about stepping on toes, editorial cartoons promote critical awareness of past and present realities. They are especially good at analyzing events, controversies and the points of view of participants. With Past Perfect: The Politically Incorrect in Cartoons! the McCord Museum presents its initial collection of learning objects based on these news drawings. This collection covers five themes related to the historical period 1850 to 1929 and to the formation of the Canadian federation.

Starting with an initiation to the interpretation of this type of iconographic document, the proposed learning activities and content help develop competencies targeted in the Québec Education Program History and Citizenship Education, Cycle Two, Secondary.

Enjoy your exploration!

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