Building Montréal

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Building Montréal is a hybrid game combining principles of simulation games such as SimCity and quest games such as Zelda. Players interact with the game intuitively; for example, they can build a house in a chosen location. They can also move characters around, have conversations and seek information to better orient their game decisions. Players must carry out short missions whose objectives are stated at the outset. During these missions, they must meet "challenges" in order to advance in the game.

The game unfolds in time in a linear fashion. When a player makes a move, the game validates that move and time automatically moves forward several years. By observing changes in the game matrix and various indicators (such as the number of "habitants"), the player can see the consequences of the move and can then take another turn.

A turn may therefore take a few seconds or several minutes, depending the effort players put into finding information to orient their decisions and the time they take to carry out missions and meet challenges. Players may also save their game.

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