A young boy celebrates the passing of the Olympic torch to Vancouver.  The Vancouver Olympic logo is painted on his face.

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Connecting the World Through Canadian Design features learning activities and related case studies. Design Exchange, Canada’s national design museum, developed these resources in collaboration with Northern Secondary School, Canadian designers and an education consultant. The case studies illustrate the international impact of Canadian design on issues such as natural disasters, sustainability, trade and globalization. Case studies in branding, identity and communication demonstrate how design plays a role in connecting the global community. Each story outlines design challenges and solutions. Through images, video interviews and definitions, the case studies are useful introductions to the activities. The activities target high school students and teachers in geography, social sciences, visual art and design. From creating a brochure for newcomers to analyzing the impact of Hurricane Katrina, each activity centres on design thinking, problem-solving and group work. Students employ creative, critical, and reflective thinking through research, analysis and proposals. The real-life problems have social, cultural, and economic implications.

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