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Reasons for Confederation


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1. Based on the evidence here, examine the descriptions and the texts in the images themselves. Write a summary of how you believe Confederation occurred, making sure to include the main events of the process.

2. Queen Victoria has decided that she wants to hear the Voice of the People regarding the development of Confederation. She has randomly selected a group of 100 inhabitants representing all Provinces, and colonies, including wealthy landowners, former soldiers, farmers, recent immigrants, and politicians. You have been given the opportunity to write to Queen Victoria to express your point of view regarding the events in Confederation.

3. You are one of the chosen few to write to Queen Victoria. Select one of the characters listed above. Who are you? Where do you live? What is your everyday life like? Now is the chance to let your voice be heard regarding Confederation. Why would you personally agree with or disagree with confederation? Write a list of several points that support your position. Use the primary evidence in the collection as a starting point for ideas and supporting examples of your point of view.

Think about and address these factors:
• Economic advantages or disadvantages
• Safety, convenience, and practicality
• How would the sovereignty of your province or colony be affected?
• How would your daily life change?
• What effects would Confederation have on your future? How would it affect people 50 or 100 years from now?

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Learning Object Collection: Canadian Confederation
Learning Object: Canadian Confederation
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