Jesus and the Emerging World of Isaac Newton

Nature and Nature's laws lay hid in night, God said: "Let Newton be," and all was light.

Alexander Pope, Works of Alexander Pope

Given the modern tendency to view science and religion as vastly different - even oppositional - modes of thought, it is rather surprising to consider that the "father" of modern science, Isaac Newton, wrote more theological works than scientific studies. For Newton, as for many natural philosophers of his age, science did not contradict faith, but supplemented and enriched it. Exploring God's creation was a way of becoming sensitive to the glorious workings of a God whose illimitable creative powers were everywhere evident, but nowhere fully explicable. It is perhaps not an overstatement to assert that Newton conducted his science within of the mystery of his faith. Just as Jesus and the Christian message illumined Newton's life, so, too, Newton threw light upon the dark corners of human understanding.
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