Promoting New Brunswick Folk Songs

Letter from Louise Manny to Lord Beaverbrook (March 27th, 1950) describing her collection and promotion of folk songs.

Newcastle, New Brunswick, Canada, March 27th, 1950. Dear Lord Beaverbrook: I go to Halifax April 2nd, to give a talk for the C.B.C., a sort of dialogue with Helen Creighton, the Nova Scotia Folksong specialist, on the Folksongs of the Maritimes. I hope it will be a success. I have many letters from local people, appreciating the Folksong programs. It is the first time that many of these people have ever heard the songs they loved treated with respect. About the records – I suppose we have somewhere a set of Master Records? From these pressings are made, at a low cost. The original lot you gave me are pretty well worn. I always played them carefully with a “thorn needle”, but some have been on the local radio a good deal, and are getting worn. You also sent me the lot which you had, and I think some of those are a bit worn, too. I thought it would be nice to have a fresh lot of the better songs made, to use for further broadcasts, and lectures. I would like very much to get a further lot this Spring – my idea is to hold a sort of festival in the Town Hall, and record everyone who comes – on a tape recorder. Then we can weed out and discard. You never know until you bring them in, just how a man’s song is going to turn out. Should we stick to New Brunswick songs? After all, the WEXFORD LASS was one of our biggest successes, and we took it by mistake. I’ll write you a longer letter on this subject later on. I would like to get all the songs I possibly can, before the Library of Congress gets wind of our gold-mine, and sends someone down to record the songs. I am very pleased with the reception the historical talks are getting. Schools which have radios are listening. The children especially like to hear about localities they know of.... Kindest regards, Sincerely, (Signed) Louise Manny

Louise Manny
Beaverbrook Canadian Correspondence (MG H 156), Archives & Special Collections, Harriet Irving Library, University of New Brunswick
CANADA Atlantic Provinces, Atlantic Provinces, CANADA
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