As was the case for the church, the building and maintenance of the school, whose architecture was typically quite similar to that of other buildings, depended first and foremost upon the efforts of the community. In fact, until the early 20th century, governments were little involved in the financing and management of schools. Parents, through the trustees, were the first ones to be responsible for the school's establishment, and, subsequently, of its operation.

However, during nearly the whole 19th century, education was not a priority for Acadians. Far from it! In general, education was considered of little value and schools were, consquently, scares, poorly maintained and run by untrained teachers. For most Acadian families, survival took precedence. Many young lads alnded jobs on fishing schooners as young as ten or twelve years old. Others chose the axe and left at fourteen for logging camps. As for the girls, they took on some of their mother's chores. According to circumstances, for many young Acadians, the school was a part-time occupation, during the times of the year when their services were not required at home. This explains the irregular attendance that teachers had to deal with over the course of a year.

Still, in the early 19th century, provincial authorities tried to improve the educational system. But material resources were lacking, most textbooks were in English and were practically impossible to find. Moreover, competent French-speaking teachers were a rare commodity, as training for the teaching profession was only available in English. It may also be assumed that at the time, Acadians were not necessarily a government priority. All these factors explain why, in most Acadian communities, education was seen as rather the exclusive prerogative of the English-speaking elite, who held the upper hand in administrative offices.
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