Sire, no orphan affects me in that way.
We must placate the cub and do it without delay
Or efface him as a cause of fear
Before his teeth and claws have grown,
For in time he would naturally overcome us here.

Jean de La Fontaine , The Lion

Longed for by an entire kingdom, the birth of Louis Dieu-Donné (God-Given), future king of France, on September 15, 1638, fulfilled all the devotees’ prayers. That birth, more than twenty years after Louis XIII had married Anne of Austria, was predicted by Sister Marguerite du Saint-Sacrament, a Beaune Carmelite. In the convents, the cult of the infant Jesus, represented as a small, crowned king, sceptre in his hand, resting in the arms of his Holy Mother, truly took wing. Thus the future king, orphaned early, consecrated to a glorious reign, was recognized as representing divine power, as representing God on earth.
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