Louise Manny visits with Lord Beaverbrook

Louise Manny meets with Lord Beaverbrook, the benefactor responsible for folk song collection.

Letter from Louise Manny to Lord Beaverbrook (October 6, 1947) "I have located a good many people who can sing [the Miramichi songs] - they live in rather out-of-the-way places, are shy and need persuasion, will, I think, need to be paid for their time, in addition to expenses to Fredericton. I think we will have to get some man to handle the matter, as there will certainly have to be drinks circulating, and someone will have to see that they don't get too inebriated, and all that...." Beaverbrook Papers, Archives & Special Collections, Harriet Irving Library, UNB.

Louise Manny
Jack Ullock, Susan Butler
New Brunswick, CANADA
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