Letter from Louise Manny to Lord Beaverbrook (November 21st, 1947)

Miss Louise Manny Newcastle, Miramichi New Brunswick, Canada (Rare Books, Canadiana, Americana) November 21st, 1947. Dear Lord Beaverbrook: Re: Songs. The machine and operator came over from Fredericton yesterday, and cut 15 records. They all sound very well to me. I am scouring the country for songs by Larry Gorman. He came from Nelson, worked in the Maine woods, and made up literally hundreds of songs, all of which have a real lilt and seem to me very typical of what we want. Unfortunately he has been dead these 30 years, and most of the songs are lost. So far we have his “Mary Mahoney” and the “Scow at Cowden’s Shore”, and the “Eight-pound Bass”. “Peter Emberley”, they say, was made up by John Calhoun of Boiestown, and he made up many more, which seem to have been lost. Maybe a day in Boiestown will produce some of them. We are just in time to preserve what there are in the country. I think another ten years will see the last of them. I do not believe there are many original tunes. The “Miramichi Fire” may be, but I think it is likely taken from an old hymn. These ballads resemble plainsong, there is just the melodic line, no harmony. Though they are by no means great music, I think they will be intensely interesting to musicians…. Kindest regards, Sincerely, (Signed) Louise Manny

Louise Manny
Beaverbrook Canadian Correspondence (MG H 156), Archives & Special Collections, Harriet Irving Library, University of New Brunswick
CANADA Northern New Brunswick, New Brunswick, Northern New Brunswick, CANADA
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