Stan Cassidy - Tape Recordings

Letter from Stan Cassidy to Lord Beaverbrook (September 3, 1948)

Stan Cassidy General Electrical Contractors 415 King Street Fredericton, N.B. September 3, 1948 Lord Beaverbrook’s Office 121/8, Fleet Street, London E. C. 4 Attention: Mr. A.G. Millar Dear Mr. Millar: In reference to your letter of August 11th, regarding the recording of more songs for Lord Beaverbrook, at Newcastle. We have portable equipment which is suitable for that purpose. As before, the arrangements with the participants would have to be made by Miss Louise Manny and we would then proceed to Newcastle and do whatever recording was required. The charge for this service, including equipment, is twenty-five dollars a day and expenses. Expenses in this case would involve meals, lodging and transportation. Yours faithfully, (Signed) S.B. Cassidy per MIF Stan Cassidy

Stan Cassidy
Beaverbrook Canadian Correspondence (MG H 156), Archives & Special Collections, Harriet Irving Library, University of New Brunswick
CANADA Southern New Brunswick, New Brunswick, Southern New Brunswick, CANADA
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