A Tribute through Song by Edith Butler

A Tribute through Song to Father Anselme Chiasson

I would like to pay homage to Father Anselme Chiasson for his outstanding work in the area of folk music. I would like to talk to you about the man, his goodness, his generosity, his dedication to the Acadian cause, his understanding and respect for the Acadian people, his confidence in the future of his people. I would like to tell you of the pride with which he shares with us treasures he found among his friends - informants, singers, storywriters and storytellers, and stepdancers. But words fail me when it comes to describing this man and telling you how important he has been in all of our lives. Instead I would like to tell you that I pay homage to him every time that I sing “Le Grain de Mil,” a song so beautiful in and of itself that we are transported by singing it.

Father Chiasson, I want to thank you personally for everything you have done. You have enabled us to identify ourselves as Acadians through our traditions and through a vast stock of cultural knowledge that you have saved from oblivion.

We will take steps to make sure that your magnificent work is carried on for the generations to come and that “Le Grain de Mil” celebrates and pays homage to you throughout the world.

Yours forever in song,

Edith Butler 

En r’montant la tradition: Hommage au père Anselme Chiasson
Les Éditions d’Acadie, 1982, p. 11
Ronald Labelle and Lauraine Leger

Edith Butler
Ronald Labelle
c. 1982
CANADA Atlantic Provinces, Atlantic Provinces, CANADA
© 1982, Les Éditions d'Acadie. All Rights Reserved.

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