Saint Joseph, Father of the Child Jesus and Father of the Nation

"You are cherished by God, since you have been granted three important trusts: the virginity of Mary, the person of His only son, and the secret to his holy mystery."

Bossuet, Traité de la connaissance de Dieu et de soi-même

On March 19, the Church celebrates Saint Joseph, humble carpenter, husband of the Virgin Mary, foster father of Jesus, and patron of the Church universal. In 1624, the Recollects of New France declared him patron saint of Canada. Among Catholics, the forename of Joseph was given to many boys as a model of love and compassion, as God had chosen Joseph to love and protect Mary and to raise Jesus. In the twentieth century, in Quebec, Brother André Bessette perpetuated the devotion to Saint Joseph by founding the Oratory of Saint-Joseph of Mont-Royal, in Montreal. Today, he is invoked by tradespeople, by those who, like him, seek refuge while travelling or by those who take him as a model husband and father.
Canadian Heritage Information Network, The Provincial Museum of Alberta,

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