Jesus of Nazareth, Child of God

"Baby Jesus of Bethlehem, I adore and love you."

Prayer of Pope Leon XIII to Baby Jesus

"Let the little children come unto me; do not prevent them; for to them belongs the Kingdom of God" (Luke 18:15). God has chosen a Virgin to bear his son, and to have him live as a man. In the thirteenth century, Saint Francis of Assisi had proposed a cult of the Nativity. However, only after the Reformation were many images made to illustrate all the stages of Jesus' life. Then images of the childhood of Jesus were added including the famous Child Jesus carrying the Instruments of the Passion described by Jeanne Perraud in the eighteenth century, and of course the stories taken from the Bible, such as Jesus before the Doctors in the Temple. Thus, the infant Jesus in his swaddling clothes has touched the hearts and united many children, mothers, and fathers in every Catholic nation. These images propose the idea of a God with a human destiny.
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