The Italian explorer, Giovanni Verrazano, is credited with the origin of the place name "Acadie". It was during a voyage of discovery, commissioned by the King of France in 1524, that Verrazano gave the name "Arcadia" to the region on the Atlantic coast which corresponds to present-day Virginia. Struck by the beauty of the landscape, he was reminded of Arcadia in Ancient Greece. Subsequent mappers, however, shifted the place name to the north (present-day mainland Nova Scotia), and gradually changed the spelling to Larcadia, Cadie, La Cadie, and finally, l’Acadie.

The name Acadie may also have been influenced by the Micmac language. In Micmac, the word "cadie" means " place of abundance" and can be found in names such as "Tracadie" and "Shubenacadie".
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