This is, generally speaking, a woman’s chore. Outside, a housewife has built a fire in front of her house with wood gathered by her or her children in the brush surrounding the village.

Although wood is available in cities, women prefer to buy charcoal because it is easier to use.

To combat deforestation and desertification, the government of Senegal has reduced the price of propane to try to encourage people to use it. However, the initial investment in bottled gas and a burner is too much for some people.

Most of the time, a mother will go about her household tasks with her baby slung on her back in a waistcloth. If the baby cries too much or needs to nurse, the mother will hold it on her knee.

Housewives, even when they are cooking, are depicted wearing all their jewellery (necklaces, bracelets and earrings), in their best clothing and with their hair done - all symbols of femininity.

Blacksmiths very often make kitchen utensils (ladles, skimmers, pot, etc.) from recycled metal (tin cans, pieces of aluminum, etc...
Musée de la Femme "Henriette Bathily"
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