Melanie Authier - Scavenger (description)

Melanie Authier negotiates with oppositions in her practice. Each of her paintings becomes an entity unto itself in which myriad shapes, marks and colours mix and mingle. The compositional density and the bold, saturated colours create a palpable content/form tension and a push-and-pull effect that reverse formal hierarchies and blur the distinction between background and foreground elements. In Scavenger, for example, the blue tones used at the centre of the work form both an atmospheric background, and, in the foreground, a formal, angular motif with precise cut-outs. Around the edges, filamentous chromatic masses meld together in meanders of colour. With skillful handling of the pictorial elements and compositions that fold into themselves, the artist suggests a depth and unfathomable spaces that distort perception by defying conventional spatial logic.
Julie Bélisle

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