Jérôme Bouchard - 46759 pièces/m2 (description)

Jérôme Bouchard represents figures with elusive contours, a characteristic often attributed to the small size, fleeting nature, accumulation or fragmentation of the depicted objects. To produce the painting 46759 pièces/m2, he worked by subtraction, rather than by building up the material. His tools included not just brushes but cutting implements, as seen by the marks on the canvas, and he proceeded like an archaeologist, selecting fragments to be pried away or retained, leaving tiny traces of his actions visible. The scale of whites and greys in this work echoes the shades of light and shadow in the artist’s studio. While some steps of the production process are masked by the areas of flat colour, others are discernible in the imperfectly superimposed layers of paint. The seeming consistency of the image is an illusion, for a close look at the surface reveals the complexity of the interventions.
Julie Bélisle
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