Chris Kline - Divider 1 (description)

Chris Kline’s art draws on the legacy of Modernist abstraction, using a formal vocabulary but taking a poetic approach. For Divider 1, the artist chose to make the stretcher visible, thus blurring the distinction between front and back. Two narrow vertical bars are painted on the translucent canvas of untreated cotton poplin. Their perfectly straight edges suggest the use of masking tape. Along the bottom of the canvas appear traces of pigment, as if the support had grazed a surface of coloured water and absorbed the suspended particles. Subtly, delicately, the painting shifts the viewer’s perception back and forth, alternating between scrutiny of the pigment and acrylic on the surface and awareness of the structure dimly discernible behind it. The simplicity that results from this radical economy of means heightens the work’s visual impact.
Marie-Eve Beaupré

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