Elizabeth McIntosh - Differences of Lines and Rectangles (description)

Fine white horizontal lines punctuate the picture plane over and over. The irregular stripes suggest a brush moving freehand across the surface, the way the eyes read a text. Rhythmically divided into rectangles of various sizes, the space becomes infinitely expandable. Elizabeth McIntosh sees the canvas not as a finite universe but as a two-dimensional space that can be endlessly revisited and reworked. In fact, she places great importance on her pentimenti and undertakes each work with no pre-set rule or idea of what it will eventually look like. In recent years she has explored the possibilities of abstract painting and the legacy of Modernism, but not within the dictates of hard-edge abstraction. She often begins with a fragment from a historical painting and attempts to restate or inflect the motifs by adding, revising and rebuilding layers of forms and colours. This creates a dialogue between past and present and allows the work to develop according to its own internal logic, where each form can freely shift back and forth between abstraction and figurative evocation.
Marie-Eve Beaupré

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