Julie Trudel - Tondos CMY en déplacement, du projet CMYK – phase 1 (description)

Julie Trudel’s approach to painting demands time and painstaking care. She works within strict, self-imposed parameters that define a restricted colour palette, an application process and a composition principle yet afford an abundance of possibilities. The resulting serial works explore the range of possible interactions among the purposely chosen elements. In Tondos CMY en déplacement, the artist plays on the CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) colour model used in full-colour printing, this time excluding the black. Each of the paintings features the same concentric motif but differs in terms of size and the portion of the form shown. Together, they compose the movement suggested by the title, with the visual elements shifting from one tondo to the next. The colours, heavily diluted silkscreen inks, are applied drop by drop and run into each other to form a luminous colour chart.
Julie Bélisle

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