Hugo Bergeron - Synopsis 3 (description)

Hugo Bergeron gives form to the landscapes of his imagination in order to explore the components of painting. In his works, chaotic, hallucinatory nature combines with complex architectures to create spaces of startling construction. The painting surface abounds with motifs but also with methods, including hard-edge, Abstract Expressionist, trompe l’oeil and even drip painting techniques. Synopsis 3 presents a world in precarious equilibrium. The frame of a multi-story building perches on the edge of a platform, its interior brightened with blocks of flat colour delineated by the structural grid, which becomes a purely formal motif. The different planes that make up the image are layers of space – pools, basement, concrete pillars, body of water, cloud-charged sky. The artist plays on the thin line that separates the formal from the figurative, mixing the two to generate pictorial effects and contrasts.
Julie Bélisle

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