Pierre Durette - Parade 11 (description)

Pierre Durette’s works teem with details. His compositions, worked on a white background, convey a sense of nowhere and swarm with figures engaged in various activities. Playing with the idea of scale, he peoples Parade 11 with more than a hundred miniature characters. As the title suggests, this painting centres on the theme of public display and contains numerous elements of pomp and circumstance. Ceremonial costumes from all eras intersect on the pictorial surface shared by Roman soldiers, medieval knights, Napoleonic generals, British guardsmen and American troops. There are also statesmen, flag bearers, photographers and, here and there, female nudes paired with virile personages. In the upper area of the composition, as a tiny detail, the artist quotes a famous painting in reproducing the figures of Édouard Manet’s Déjeuner sur l’herbe (1863). At the centre, an enormous octopus riding in a convertible towers over the anachronistic fresco.
Julie Bélisle

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