Christine Major - Cuisine rouge (description)

Christine Major works with the motifs of confinement, survival and violence, particularly violence against women. Cuisine rouge depicts a scene that suggests something terrible has happened. A woman is sprawled on the floor, motionless, eyes open. Her pose brings to mind a paradoxical mixture of nymph-like splendour, Barbie doll features and Greek tragedy. The floor is scattered with food. It is a scene of shambles, abuse and suffering related to eating disorders. And the ordinary, domestic nature of the kitchen makes it clear that the struggle plays out on a daily basis. The palette of hard-edged, saturated colours and the Fauvist and Expressionist treatment charge the image with powerful evocative potential. Staged in the artist’s studio, the work pictures not only the represented space – the kitchen – but also the place where it was painted – the studio, seen in the foreground.
Marie-Eve Beaupré

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