Chris Millar - Gutterballs (back cover) (description)

The hallmark of Chris Millar’s art is excess, both of subject and of form. A grotesque imaginary world unfolds from one painting to the next, inviting viewers into a universe inspired by comic books, heavy metal music, video games, B movies and myriad elements of a fantastical, alternative pop culture. Every inch of surface teems with details and oddities in his dense compositions. Gutterballs (back cover), which serves to illustrate the jacket for an album of Millar’s experimental music, draws the eye into a futuristic bowling alley peopled with weird creatures and costumed characters. Pencils are poked into the stained panels of the suspended ceiling, from which a blue man wearing a skull on his head emerges, and the walls directly reference the abstract art of the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian (1872-1944). Each element appears to have been chosen with great care, which further heightens the strangeness of the whole. But that is how Millar works: improvising on an initial idea, adding, appending and accumulating to create a wacky, surreal narrative.
Julie Bélisle

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