Andrea Mortson - The Closer I Get to You (description)

Andrea Mortson’s landscapes flow straight from her imagination, teeming with a profusion of signs, figures and symbols. In her art, the represented exterior world reflects the inner world of self and implies navigating between them. The images embody a fleeting reality, their dreamlike quality accentuated by the loose brushwork and shaded colours. The Closer I Get to You is composed of two islets of landscape. The one on the left calls to mind both a paradise lost, alive with lush nature, and a cemetery, dotted with urns and a swan sculpture, while the calmer one on the right evokes a more solitary haven, overlooked by a winged skull whose kindly expression contradicts the sad fate it portends. This imaginary landscape confronts the viewer with a breach that has just opened, a crevasse in which two worlds overlap and remain utterly enigmatic. The symbolism of the content heightens the picture’s mystery, even though the title clearly suggests a reading and underscores the reference to death.
Julie Bélisle

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