If you’re longing for fun and enjoyment
Or inclined to go out on a spree,
Come along with me over to Boiestown
On the banks of the Miramichi.
You’ll meet with a royal reception;
My ‘ventures to you I’ll relate,
On the eighteenth of May I arrived here,
From Fred’ricton – come on the freight.

I’m employed with a man, Edmund Kenney,
A gentleman who you know well;
J.P. for the parish of Stanley,
And he put up at Duffy’s Hotel.

One night I went out on a party;
I tell you ‘twas something immense,
We collared a shanghi rooster,
And he just cost us seventeen cents,
He was sick with the croup and the measles,
They said he was too poor for to sell,
But I guess he made hash for the boarders
That put up at Duffy’s Hotel.

One night I went out on a party
Along with the rest of the boys.
We got plenty of peely island;
I tell you we made lots of noise.
We frightened the pigs up in Tugtown;
Caused the Pleasant Ridge dogs for to yell,
And when we got kicked out of Hayesville,
We struck ‘er for Duffy’s Hotel.

One night I went out on a party;
‘Twas held in the mansion below,
A row was kicked up in the kitchen,
I tell you it wasn’t too slow.
We upset the chairs and the tables.
The windows and stove, too, they fell.
This row was kicked up by Delaney,
A boarder at Duffy’s Hotel.

Well, friends, I must bid you good evening
For fear you will think me a Turk.
If I linger ‘round here any longer
Some fellow might give me a jerk!
I’ll go back to the scenes of my childhood,
In peace and contentment to dwell;
Bid adieu to the kind entertainment
I met with at Duffy’s Hotel.

- This song, apparently a joint effort, describes riotous doings in Boiestown. It bristles with personalities calculated to nettle all those mentioned. Some connoisseurs call it a “spite song,” though it is probably just a story of things that happened, and not particularly malicious. Although these occurrences took place over eighty years ago, Boiestown people can identify most of the persons and places. Duffy’s Hotel used to be right across from the railway station in Boiestown.

- Louise Manny, Songs of Miramichi, 1968,  pp. 76 – 77.

Louise Manny
c. 1910
New Brunswick, CANADA
© 1968, Brunswick Press. All Rights Reserved.

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