Please don’t take away the Old North Shore,
We’ll need them bye and bye.
Everybody in the Old North Shore, is willing to do or die.
Now what I mean to say is, that the Old North Shore
Is second to the Navy on the sea
And if it wasn’t for the Old North Shore,
Where would Shoreham be?

Have you ever heard the story of the Old North Shore?
If not, it’s time you did.
Some songs sell for Two and six, This tune’s worth have [half?]a quid.
It’s been sung in every pub along the whole South coast,
By A.T.S., W.A.A.F’s, and W.R.E.N’s as well.
Why it’s even reached our shores and they’re waiting there for more,
So raise your voice and yell.

We’ve been waiting over here about two years or more,
No fighting have we seen,
Though we came to fight for right,
For honour and liberty.
But soon the day will come, a second front we’ll see.
Our bitter foe will vanish like the dawn,
And though our hearts are pining, keep the old flag flying
The North Shore carries on.

There’s no need to worry ‘bout the Old North Shore,
Her flag’s still flying high.
But with six month’s drilling on the barrack square
Morale is none too high
We all love the Army, and P.T. is swell
Monotony will never get us down,
But give us just one chance, put us on the coast of France,
And watch the North Shores’ go to town.

Our CO is a man who doesn’t give a damn,
Neither does our Two ‘I’C.
The Company Commanders are hand picked men
They come from the Miramichi.
The 2 i/c’s of all the Rifle Companies
They never do a Gosh Damn thing,
If it wasn’t for the Subalterns
Where would the North Shore be?.

The above song was written by Corporal Howie Aube (Sp Company) of Bathurst NB.
Howie was a good soldier and was much admired for his singing and guitar prowess in his Regiment. He was killed in action at Cairon, France on the 11th June 1944.

Sent as an enclosure in a letter from Mr. T. F. Trythall, Music Department, University of New Brunswick to Lord Beaverbrook (11 December 1956)
Beaverbrook Papers, Case 42b, file 4b

Corporal Howie Aubé
Beaverbrook Canadian Correspondence (MG H 156), Archives & Special Collections, Harriet Irving Library, University of New Brunswick
c. 1944
Cairon, FRANCE
CANADA Northern New Brunswick, New Brunswick, Northern New Brunswick, CANADA
© 2007, Archives & Special Collections, Harriet Irving Library, UNB. All Rights Reserved.

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