Mike Bayne - Liquor (description)

Mike Bayne’s paintings deceive the eye with a photorealist style and a diminutive format reminiscent of miniatures. Working from his own photographs, Bayne paints snapshots of everyday, mundane life. His minutely observed depictions of buildings, businesses, malls and signage convey the banal isolation of the North American suburban landscape. In Liquor, the absence of human presence and the stillness of the scene call attention to the painstaking rendering of the details. The precisely nuanced working of the light is stunning, as is the masterful execution of the asphalt paving, where tire marks, imperfections and oil stains are meticulously reproduced. The artist captures a reality that escapes the camera, and the time-consuming care invested in each work creates a strange paradox between the ordinariness of the subject and the virtuoso technique required to represent it.
Julie Bélisle

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